Assessed activity 8.1 and 8.2


For my project I will be creating a learning object dealing with the early history of New Zealand. Conveying historic knowledge can work in several ways, I will use a blog.

However it is also possible to teach history via YouTube in the form of videos. An example is Crash Course US History. Unlike a blog these videos are very fast paced and full of effects and animations. The target audience are probably people who just want to have a quick overview of things and do not like to read long texts.

I also wrote about it on this Wiki page


8.2 Reflections on the course

The progressive assignment is coming to an end and before starting the project I want to reflect the course so far.

We learned a lot about Digital Learning Technologies – not only in theory- but we also acquired practical skills which are the base for the upcoming project.

I really liked that Michael, the lecturer did not just teach about DLT but also made use of a variety of modern technologies himself. Therefore we could see all the advantages and disadvantages by ourselves. Students who were not able to attend the class in person could easily watch the session from their home, workplace or wherever they were and even communicate with the people in class. On the other hand it also became clear that these technologies are not always easy to handle. While the video capturing was quite pleasant, the audio quality was rather poor and could in no way compete with the real-life experience.

Communication in general was a vital aspect of the course which I really enjoyed. There was lots of interaction between the lecturer and the students and often times interesting question came up. I liked this style of learning very much.

For the future I would wish for the handling of the technology to improve, which certainly will. Other technologies like WikiEducator or EIT Online were well embedded into the course and provided useful additional information.

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