Assessed Activity 5.1 (2015) ePortfolios

This week is all about ePortfolios! I created a LinkedIn profile and a Google site with a basic CV.

An ePortfolio collects career-related information about a person, similar to a traditional portfolio but in an electronic way (hence ePortfolio). The ePortfolio can provide information about a person’s education, skills, experiences and achievements. However ePortfolios are more than a mere electronic version of the classic career portfolio as the modern technology allows for socialisation and discussing. Also a blog can be linked to your profile. If you apply for a job in the future it will get more and more important to convince your employer by showing him your online work. A blog that you have written constantly can be an impressive showpiece and valuable asset to your application.

Nowadays in the ubiquitous learning age, constant development of every individual is necessary. You have to keep learning to catch up and achieve your career goals. In terms of digital learning, ePortfolios therefore provide proof that you are willing to evolve and are familiar with the digital technologies.

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