Assessed Activity 6.1 Personal Learning Network


Nowadays learning is ubiquitous which easily leads to an information bloat. You have to filter the right information to avoid drowning in knowledge. I visit rather few websites and do not really have to deal with that problem. I do not need to know everything and I do not want to. With that attitude, I think, you can well avoid the information bloat.

Whenever I am learning, I learn. Sometimes it is hard not to get distracted by incoming e-mails or facebook messages so I close all irrelevant websites and services to fully concentrate on my learning and create a productive environment.

I am not a huge fan or visitor of blogs or microblogs and do not use these services at all. I think they can provide valuable¬†information as well as entertainment but still I do not feel the urge to attend any blogs. I am totally fine with the few websites I regularly visit. I understand people who are overwhelmed by all the information but it is everyone’s own responsibility to figure out the right amount one can bear and one needs.



I created my own personal learning network:



I have noticed that my learning network consists of rather few services, compared to other PLNs I have seen. Most services I use are communication based: When working in a group I communicate with my team via facebook or skype. We work on documents together via Google Docs and store them, in addition to other media, on Dropbox or GitHub (for code). When I am communicating with teachers, I usually use my gmx e-mail account.

When it comes to actually gathering knowledge I only have a few websites I regularly visit. Wikipedia is a good source to get an overview of an unfamiliar topic. I like to use YouTube to watch learning videos as I consider it a valuable addition to the plain text-based learning.


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